The transcripts of the Heartful Spanish podcast will be available for download here, in three versions, as each episode is published. 

Using the transcripts while you listen is the "hand-holding" I mentioned in the trailer. It will speed up your learning no end!

Just choose the transcript you need and click the document image to download the pdf. 

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Using the transcripts will boost your learning 

Utilizar las transcripciones te dará un impulso a tu aprendizaje

Episode 11 - Mobile Addiction (Part 1) / La Adicción Al Móvil (Parte 1)

UPDATE - Apologies for the missing transcripts of episodes 7-1 1. Nobody's actually told me they're missing these (or are using and loving the ones I've already published), so creating new transcripts has slipped quite a way down in my priorities list! Thanks for your patience. x

Episode 10 - Self-Compassion In Times Of Difficulty / La Autocompasión En Tiempos De Dificultad 

Episode 9 - A Celebration Of You / Una Celebración De Ti

Episode 8 - Music And Language Learning / La Música Y El Aprendizaje De Idiomas

Episode 7 - Affirmations Can Keep You Strong / Las Afirmaciones Pueden Ayudarte A Estar Fuerte

Episode 6 - An Anti-Recipe Recipe For Gazpacho / Una Receta Anti-Receta Para Hacer Gazpacho 

Ep6 Anti-Recipe Gazpacho Transcript (bilingual).pdf 

Episode 5 - Dealing With Overwhelm / Lidiando Con El Agobio 

Ep5 - Dealing With Overwhelm Transcript (Bilingual).pdf 

Episode 4 - A Short Walk / Un Paseo Breve 

Ep4 A Short Walk Transcript (Bilingual).pdf 

Episode 3 - Emotions Are Our Teachers / Las Emociones Son Nuestras Maestras

Ep3. Emotions Are Our Teachers Transcript (Bilingual).pdf 

Episode 2 - My Number One Life Hack / Mi Truco De Vida Número Uno

Ep2 MY NO 1 LIFE HACK (BI) .pdf 

Ep2 My No 1 LIFE HACK (SP).pdf 

Episode 1 - Choose Joy / Elige La Alegría

Ep1 Choose Joy Transcript (bilingual).pdf 

Ep1 English Transcript.pdf